Are expensive cribs a good investment?


Now that I am pregnant with my first baby, I am curious to know if buying an expensive crib is a good investment or not. When we went for shopping last week, I saw many beautiful and good looking cribs. They are very expensive. Before investing money on them, I would like to know whether it is a wise decision or not.

After spending hours in front of the internet and talking to my friends and relatives, I came to know that the answer to the question is not quite straight forward. There are many points to consider before deciding if expensive cribs are worth the money.


Is the quality of the crib good? One of the most important factors to consider before buying an expensive crib is the quality of wood/material used for making it. If the quality of the wood or material is not good, then there is no point in investing money on it.

It is better to check with the manufacturer about the wood/ material they used for making the crib. Get the help of an expert if you wish to check the quality and features of the crib.



Another point to consider when buying an expensive crib is your budget. Yes, you heard it right. Think how much you can afford to invest on it and see what other sacrifices you need to make to buy this expensive crib. If you feel buying an expensive crib will leave you tight on money, then do not invest on it. Or you can look for something basic and less expensive.



You cannot keep your baby in the crib for more than a year or so. So, the period you are going to use the crib will be very short. If you are planning to have another baby in the near future, then you can reuse the crib and that makes it a wise investment.

But, is your expensive crib gender specific. I don’t think it is a good decision to investment so much money on a gender specific crib, if you are going to buy an expensive crib. If it is a gender specific crib, then, the crib will be a waste if the second baby is a different gender.


3 great places to visit in the UK


The UK is mostly associated with rain-soaked landscapes and freezing cold weather. Nevertheless, it remains one of the most visited countries in the world because it offers its visitors endless possibilities to have fun and discover a culture that never ceases to die. Y

If you decide to embark on a new holiday and UK is tempting you, you should be prepared to admire many historical towns, lovely countryside, excellent pubs, delicious beer, epic coastlines, quaint villages, and a variety of sports. On top of that, England is so easy to get around that you can choose to travel by car or using the public transport. Whatever your choice is, you’ll like this country even more after seeing some interesting places that you read about in the following lines.

  1. Stonehenge

I bet everyone has heard of Stonehenge at one point in their lives. Known internationally, this massive stone monument is located near Salisbury and is considered to be Britain’s most famous ancient place. Thanks to a large number of tourists that go to see it each year, it has become quite a challenge to get a ticket in advance. If you want to see Stonehenge, make sure you do the necessary arrangements in advance.

Once you get there, you can check the Visitor Center where you have the possibility to receive information about different types of exhibitions. Plus, you can purchase gifts for your friends and family from the souvenir shop and enjoy a cup of coffee from the cafe.

According to numerous researchers, this site has evolved continuously over the past 10,000 years. Basically, what we call Stonehenge today was built 5,000 years ago and was actually part of a large sacred landscape that had a monument made of stone 15 times bigger than the Stonehenge itself.

  1. Tower of London

Many tourists that come to the UK consider the Tower of London the must-visit destination because there is so much to see here. Basically, you’ve got a prison, a palace, a treasure vault, a menagerie, and an observatory, all in one. It’s impossible to get bored during the visit and you can find something worthy of your attention at this World Heritage Site.

Covering 15 acres, this place was built in 1078 by William the Conqueror. Here, you can admire exhibits like the Crown Jewels, the Royal Mint, and several displays of prisoners.  

  1. The City of Bath

If you’re into small villages, you can’t miss out the city of Bath. This great holiday destination boasts the magnificent 2,000-year-old Roman Baths that are built around the hot springs of the city. Also, there are 500 historical buildings you can check and different countryside areas such as the Avon Valley and the Mendip Hills.


3 great jewelry-making tips

Jewelry-making is such a fun and creative hobby that requires no more than a few spare moments during the day. Because it doesn’t take any natural skill to do some art pieces of jewelry, you can learn how to make them using some simple tips.

Especially if you like to wear jewelry in order to complete your outfits or if you have friends that always shop for pieces, you should start making jewelry that might turn from a simple hobby to a full-time business. Here’s how you can become great and successful in the art of jewelry-making:



Get an organized workplace

Every crafter knows about the importance of having all the supplies in a right order. It’s frustrating to waste precious time looking for a certain tool or fabric. So make sure to choose a room or a corner in your house where you can put a desk and some drawers, boxes, and so on, filled with every instrument that you need.

In addition, you should use labels or dividers that come in handy for storing beads, pins or wires. It’s better to figure out your own personal system that works best for you.


Check online for creative ideas and inspiration

It’s difficult to always come up with creative ideas for your jewelry. Therefore, a little inspiration from places that you’ve seen or even online pictures or websites is more than enough. You can look at different jewelry shops or clothing stores that show you pictures in full detail.

Furthermore, check for bloggers or antique jewelry sellers that show you what’s in style. Sometimes you can even come across online tutorials that teach you step by step how to make a certain piece of jewelry. You can customize the models using the materials and color you like or even combine a few pieces if you need that pinch or originality.


Look through your old jewelry and set what type of pieces you wear in general

Especially when learning the basics of making jewelry at home, you need a few pointers to help you out. So, take a look at your old jewelry box and see if you have some broken earrings or bracelets that you can use for your next craftsy projects. Then, get the pieces that you use on a regular basis and put them in a bag.





Woodworking tricks used by pros


Not everyone is born a handyman. Since most of us barely have time to do our regular daily chores, it’s quite a challenge trying to find time to learn interesting tips and fact that woodworking pros use. So here you have some ideas and cool things that you might want to try next time you need some quick fixes around your house.

Especially while using glue but even when handling wood, there’s a risk or leaving dents or gouges on its surface. Because gouges are areas where the wood fibers are damaged or removes, you need to fill them. Dents are not so critical because they consist only of crushed fibers and can be fixed without any filling.

In order to fix the dents, just pour a couple of drops of water into the dent and let it soak in for a couple of seconds. If the water is not enough, you can add just enough to fill it all. Then, take a thin cardboard piece of a damp cloth and place it over the surface. Using an iron, press it gently. As soon as the water seeps into the damaged fibers, the hot iron will start making steams. This way, the crushed fibers are pushed and the surface gets even. The only reason why you need a damp cloth or the cardboard is to prevent the iron from leaving marks on the wood surface.

The worst thing that can happen when working with wood is the glue stains. To prevent these incidents, you can clamp the pieces of wood without using glue. Just put tape and cut along using a sharp blade. When the pieces are separated, you can clamp them together. Because the glue discharges onto the tape and not the wood, you can easily peel off the tape prior to the flue getting dried.

Whenever you need to cut, shape, file, or use the best drill press, you should use the hot glue gun and stick the piece so that it stays on a pedestal stick. Since the hot glue does wonders at holding anything in place, it’s better than using clamps. Once the project is finished, use a putty knife and gently make it loose. However, don’t apply too much force because you can tear up the wood or damage the piece.

Safety is vital when working with wood. This is the main reason why you must set the cut length using a block attached to the fence if you’re crosscutting straight on the table saw.