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How to Make Money Blogging

How to Make Money Blogging

People are starting to realise that blogging is a great way to start their own online business. It requires very low start up costs, and you can build a relationship between you and your visitors that might lead to sales. Even when you dont update you blog you might be making sales.

There are plenty of ways to set up your blog. You can use Wordpress, Blogger or any other service for this effect. The problem with this, is that wont be able to control your blog freely because of your hosting company terms and conditions.

If you are serious about this, then you should buy your own domain name and host service. You can buy a domain for less than $10 and you can host your blog on any hosting company for about $20 a year. By spending these $30, you will have full control over your blog, which will help you making money from it.

Now that you will start building your blog, you need to think on a template that fits your blog subject. This is pretty easy, and you can find anything just by searching on Google.

But you need to think about what will your blog be about. Now this is very important: you must blog about something you like. Some people write about their hobbies, others about their family or jobs or other subjects. Anyway, the point is, if you blog about something you dont enjoy than that will reflect on your posts. People will notice that, and most likely wont come to your blog again.

Okay – Now you know what you will blog about. Its time to start writing your blog posts. If you ever been on blogs ( if you dont, then you can search on google for blogs ) you probably notice that the length of the posts are not constant. Some blogs write only a paragraph or two per blog post while others write 500 – 600 words per blog post. Some even write very long posts with lots of information.

This depends of your skills. If you got good writing skills and creativity, than writing post with 400+ words wont be much a problem for you, on the other hand, if you are not so good at writing that that will be to much for you. Not a problem, do your best. Remember that you can get information from the internet if you are out of ideas. Tip: If you are the kind of person that likes to write long articles i advise you to write a small post ( less than 400 words ) on the main page, and then put a link to your full post at the end. People wont get scared with your posts, and they will click the link if they want to keep reading.

Dont copy what other bloggers are doing. Its okay to take ideas, but never really copy it. Dont worry, with time and experience your blog will start reflecting your personality and character and thats what visitors want to see. Show yourself and you will get a bigger and loyal audience.

Now you have your blog ready and you are already posting. Its time to get visitors. Sign up for as many social networks you want ( hi5, facebook, twitter and others ) and put the link to your blog on your profile. This will generate you visitor at cost zero. You can also sign up on forums and put your blogs link of the forum signature.

Its time to start making money with your blog. The most well known method is probably Google Adsense. There will be displayed some ads on your blog and every time any of your visitors click on it, you make money. There are also websites that will pay you to make posts. “Pay Per Post” and “Review Me” are examples of websites for this effect.

Before i show you another way to make money with your blog, let me explain you what is affiliate marketing: basically you promote other people products in exchange of a commission. If you are selling digital products, you can get high commission 50% -75% on “Click Bank”. Now that you understand what affiliate marketing means, you can write some product reviews and post them with your affiliate link. Every time people buy the product you get a commission.

You can also offer ad space and charge a fee for each classified display. You can make your own list of prices. There is one final step that you can take although few people do it. Now that you have a good constructor blog with lots of visitors you can sell your blog and make a considerable amount of money. Then you can start over with another subject, build a blog and sell it again, and so on. If making your blog was hard for you, then don’t sell it. This final step is only for people that really know what they are doing and that are on internet marketing for a while.

The Importance of Diversification

The Importance of Diversification

If you are trusting just one stock too much you might risk all your money in it. Wise investors always spread out their money among various stocks to minimize the effects of a bad day in the stock market. No matter how stable you think a company is, never invest solely in that company. Diversification is the point.

Diversification does not mean just buying different stocks. It is also about investing in completely different industries. For example, if commodities are doing bad then oil may be doing well and vice versa. Concentrate on investing in different areas so your portfolio is not affected by a big hit in one specific industry.

Way to Decrease Your Risks

Diversified portfolios are proven to see a more consistent return on investment than investing in only one or two stocks. It is also a great way to decrease your risks while maintaining aggressive returns. And even penny stocks can be used to diversify.

Let’s take the example you have invested in just one hot stock you were completely sure about. Another day there some bad news about this companies and the investors make a run for it. With the stocks taking a dive this is very bad news for your poor portfolio. On the other hand if you have invested in a dozen different stocks and just one has a bad day you other stocks keep your portfolio strong. I think you can seethe difference.

Also you don’t have to limit your portfolio to stocks. There is also real estate, real property, and bank CDs to name a few other markets to invest in. Diversification is the idea of protecting yourself while making satisfying gains. Study the best investment options for your particular goals and diversification will help you along the way to win the game.

Always invest in more than one good stock!

Profitable Small Businesses

Profitable Small Businesses

There is always some sort of news about a small business either succeeding or failing. The term small business is very vague because it covers a lot of territories. Technically, everything from local diners to accounting offices to gas stations to a chiropractor’s office qualifies as a small business. The big question is what is the best type of small business to start and which one is most profitable. The following are just a few of the most profitable small businesses.


No business is as profitable as a CPA (certified public accountant). The reason that a CPA office is so successful is because of its pricing power. People will always need accounting services no matter what the economy is like. Another reason is that accounting is a low overhead business because the same office space and supplies can generally be used for many clients at a similar cost, and repeat customers are almost guaranteed. The only downside is that accounting requires years of training and special expertise.


There is no mystery as to why chiropractors can turn a high profit: back pain is the most common and painful ailment in the United States. Many people will go to the chiropractor to try less invasive treatments to end back pain before opting for surgery.


A dentist’s office is yet another profitable business to run because of the fact that a dentist’s office can help several patients at the same time. The only setbacks are that dental equipment and dentistry school is not cheap. But the main benefit of dentistry is that many customers pay for dental work out of pocket because most do not have dental insurance.

Self Storage Units

It is rather easy to see why self-storage units are successful. There is no fancy office space needed, high utility bills, HR teams, a big team of employees or need for in-house lawyers. This helps the overhead cost go way down. The only major costs usually associated with a self storage unit is the mortgage. That leaves a lot of profit left over to pocket.