Causes and Treatments for Under Eye Dark Circles

Dark Circles

Either hereditary, lack of sleep or simply a result of aging, thinning skin, dark undereye circles are undeniable. I have friends who carry a concealer stick in their purse or pocket—even men! I have had them, but I am fortunate that they are easier to deal with than most. I have seen pretty severe dark circles that look as though they were from a good punch in the eye, and others which only seem to surface from lack of sleep. Still, when they seem permanent and no amount of sleep, diet, or supplements seem to work, they can really get you down.

The cause for dark circles is usually thinning of the skin, and fat loss, which allows the blood vessels below to show through. My dark circles are actually pseudo-dark circles, in that they appear only in some photos where the flash causes a shadow from my cheeks. There is no bluish or purple tint visible from under my skin upon further inspection. The hollows from fat loss are what actually causes them in photos. So, what do I do? Fill her up with Restylane. I wish it were permanent, but I suppose I’d rather it not be. Not that I have commitment issues, but I have had not-so-good permanent results that I regret, so I don’t need any on my face. My next appointment is actually today in Beverly Hills with Dr. Hoenig! I figured since I have an event coming up in a week and a half and Thanksgiving is right around the corner, I might as well get it in now. Let’s hope I don’t bruise badly. I think the time frame is enough to where anything that may surface can be dealt with in time.

So how do you determine which category your dark circles happen to fall under? Ask yourself these questions:

Does your mother or father have them?

In good lighting, do you see a bluish tint, or see blood vessels right below the surface?

Are they worse with lack of sleep, or when you are sick?

Are your under eyes sunken in? When you compare photos of when you were younger, do you feel that you had more volume under your eyes?

Usually all of the above can be dealt with relatively easily. If you feel your skin is thin, Sculptra may be an option for you, although lumps are possible. Sculptra (polylactic acid) injections cause thickening of the skin due to a low inflammatory response which in turn promotes collagen growth. Restylane may also help in this regard as well, although thickening of the skin may be more suitable for your needs if your skin is truly thin.

If your issue is more from volume loss, even better. Restylane has been such a Godsend for me. Even though I have had fat grafting in the past, I love instant gratification. You can walk almost immediately out of your doctor’s office, feeling refreshed and looking rejuvenated. Only a skilled plastic surgeon or dermatologist will be able to tell you for sure. Just be sure to get several opinions before you commit.

In preparation for your treatment, there are some guidelines you can follow to help lessen the chances of bruising. Be sure to stay away from alcohol for at least a few days, and avoid aspirin, and products containing ibuprofen or naproxen. Although bruising may be inevitable, hopefully avoiding these products can somewhat help. Cold compresses before and after can further assist you in this regard. After 48 hours your doctor may instruct you to switch to warm compresses to increase blood flow to the area to promote faster healing and removal of the contusion. Always adhere to your own doctor’s aftercare protocol, and ask before considering any treatment you were not instructed to do. Even though this has helped me tremendously, your doctor may not approve.

Although one appointment may be necessary for a lot of patients, it is possible that you may need a touch up once the swelling subsides. Whatever the case may be, do not let your dark under eye circles get you down. There is hope, I promise!

Cosmetic surgery of face is also getting popular nowadays. Most people do not know the distinction in symmetrical vs asymmetrical face but they are an emerging genre now and many consultants are stressing on this. People who have insecurities regarding their facial features should look into it as they can be benefitted from this.

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