Dealing with Cat Health Problems


Pet cats are enjoying long lives all because of the tremendous care given to them by their masters. But most cats are considered senior once they reach their 10th birthday. This year is considered the time when the aging process catches up of your feline friend and cat health problems begin to show and manifest. Yet, 5 to 10 years more after its 10th birthday, your cat can still enjoy a great life of love and companionship from you.

One of the most common cat health problems is the loss of hearing as they age. You might not easily notice this as you might associate the non-reaction of your cat to your call as typical cat aloofness or even indifference. This often goes unnoticed by owners, who might chalk their cat’s lack of response to typical feline aloofness. Without proper hearing however, our old cat will be more vulnerable to accidents such as a rushing car on the street or a threatening dog. If you discovered you have cat that has lost its sense of hearing, it is advisable to keep it inside your house.

Another cat health problems that you can possibly encounter with your aging cat is its loss of appetite and its becoming more finicky in its meals. This is because as a cat age, its senses of taste and smell because less effective. This causes her to loss interest in going back. It can help if you add some moist food and also warm the meals – this can actually amplify the odor the food presented to it. Moist food is also helpful in providing more water in the diet of your cat.

Other cat health problems that might be experienced by old cats are difficulty in swallowing, decrease in saliva production, short tolerance in too much cold or heat, erratic sleeping patterns as well in its litter habits.

As your pet cat grows older, you much put into utmost importance your pet’s comfort and convenience. Make sure that it owns a warm pet bed. You must also ensure the availability of fresh food and water. In case, some cat health problems do finally manifest, it is best to bring your cat to the nearest licensed veterinarian for thorough check up and appropriate medical dispensation.

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